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About Us

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Attention To Detail

"The form is the heart of a great box." 

If you want your machine to perform the way it was intended, you need 2SG WoodworKs' quality.

We pay close attention to detail including fit & finish. 

Just the way you make boxes. 

Your order will be within 0.5mm tolerance of the score line box dimension - We Guarantee It!


This means no more patch up fixes or sending out for re-work, saving valuable production time.  

A New Approach To Box Forms:


At 2SG WoodworKs, we marry the artistry of fine woodworking with the precision of CNC machining, giving you the tools needed to make boxes you can be proud of.

We have over 40 years combined woodworking and machining experience.

Your order will be custom made using computer controlled technology.  

So if you ever damage a form, now you can order just the damaged individual unit. No more having to replace the entire set!


It will be an exact duplicate and fit like a glove with the original set!


This saves you money and insures your job will remain consistent from start to finish!

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