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Form Repair

Got a mangled form? Now what do you do?

    You could:

         A) Jury rig with shims, tape, or worse, in hopes the

              form will last the duration of the job.

         B) Order a whole new set at great expense. 

Or, use the best solution: 

2SG WoodworKs' Form Repair Service!

A fraction of the cost in a replacement set of forms, let 2SG WoodworKs restore it back to like new condition using our computer controlled machining centers.

Forms out of square or not within design tolerance?

Then send them to 2SG WoodworKs!

Through the use of computer controlled machining, you'll get reliable results with our milling process. Your form will come back square on all six sides and to within 0.50mm of design dimensions!



Contact 2SG WoodworKs today and inquire about our repair program, costs, and turn around times.

Our goal is to make sure you're up and running efficiently and as quickly as possible. 


We stand behind our work and will make sure you are pleased with our results!

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